Vinculum Cinephile 105D PLUS

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De lo bueno lo mejor. Mejorando lo presente, esta modificación sobre la base de OPPO BDP-105D es incomparable ...

Las modificaciones VINCULUM se "crean" a medida y bajo pedido. Ante cualquier duda consúltenos sin compromiso.

VINCULUM Cinephile 105D PLUS

VINCULUM Cinephile 105D PLUS

The new Vinculum 105D PLUS is the Ultimate Universal Blu-Ray/SACD player, developed for those who demand the best picture quality available on the market, and also true audiophile sound quality.

Based on the OPPO bdp-105D Blu-Ray player, its video performance has been dramatically improved, offering an extraordinary advance in picture quality.

With our new chassis, bigger in size, much heavier and more rigid than the standard OPPO, the Vinculum 105D PLUS has the solid feel and high quality finishes of a true High-End player. But we have not changed the chassis for aesthetics purposes, but to provide much better vibration control and internal resonance cancellation. It is also a solid mechanical reference for the disc transport unit, that we have modified and adjusted to improve the disc reading accuracy.

We have performed also many other improvements on the electronics, internal cabling, power supplies, connections and AC noise filtering.

From the first moment it is evident the increased image sharpness and detail precision, something specially noticeable with projectors and large screens. This improvement is rather different from what you can obtain by increases in sharpness control, performed by the blu-ray player or the display video processors. It is different also from the equipped Darbee video processing, that we do not use at all.

Each time the image is processed or the sharpness control is boosted, it usually loses some of its original three-dimensional look, either with films in 2·D or in 3·D. In some cases of excesive video processing, an eye-catching image with loads of apparent detail and sharpness may result artificial and flat. The visual planes of the image have been compressed towards the front plane, distorting the natural 3·D spatial distribution and loosing the image depth. This is what we could call a "wall of sharpness", in which many parts of the picture appear to be improperly into the camera focus. It may be attractive in a first moment but distracting and fatiguing in the long term, when you are watching entire films, as our brain perceives the lack of image depth as something not natural.

With the Vinculum Cinephile players, the increase in sharpness comes from an improved extraction of the native visual information, stored on your Blu-Ray, DVD or hard-discs. This natural sharpness allows you to avoid many additional picture control boost or video processing, keeping the original 3·D appearance and the original cinematographic textures. The obtained image has better definition and precision of micro-details, but also an expanded three-dimensionality and image depth, easy to penetrate and navigate with your sight. This allows you a more immersive experience into any film, that always was the best objective of our blu-ray improvement work.

The intra-image contrast has been also improved, with brighter white peaks and deeper blacks. The color rendition is different from the standard OPPO also, appearing more intense and richly saturated, but always accurate and natural. With Vinculum, colors recover its full original density and vibrancy. The projected image loses all digital hardness and coldness, and become much more realistic and organic.

The new Vinculum Cinephile 105D PLUS is impressing every Home-Theater expert people by its incredible image transparency, natural sharpness and extreme definition, ultra-deep blacks and rich colors.

The VINCULUM Cinephile 105D PLUS sound quality

The OPPO bdp-105D is the best equipped OPPO player delivered up to date in the analog audio section, and in fact it sounds better than most similarly priced competitors. But with our modifications we aspired to develope a machine that can outperform most High-End music players costing many times more.

Most of the changes we have made to improve its video performance have also a great effect on the analog and digital sound quality. The better vibration control of our new chassis, the much better disc reading accuracy of our modified disc-transport, the greatly improved power supplies, our AC noise filtering... Along with the new analog output stage and many other small but effective refinements on the electronics, our modifications have changed completely the sound quality of the original Oppo.

The Vinculum version delivers a more powerful and dynamic bass response, but it has also much better bass control and definition. The extreme precision we have achieved for the bass frequencies reproduction has a paramount importance, since all mids and highs will sound also with greatly increased definition and coherence , being free from masking and intermodulation problems.

With our modifications, we have worked to remove all untruthful sound colorations from the player. These induced emphasis and resonances at some frequencies may act as a timbrical pattern that makes the musical equipment to sound very similar with all the played music. This results in loss of credibility and realism. Also, these distortions are draining energy resources from the audio circuits, which usually leads to decreasing the sound dynamics.

We have found this same issue in many digital sources costing up to twenty times the price of the OPPO bdp-105D before, and it took us many years of research to develope the appropiate solutions.

After our modification, the voices and instruments sound with much better modulation, movement and soul. Those untruthful sound colorations have been replaced by the real musical colors that remind us the analog sound of the best vinyls.

The sound scene is opened , deeper, wider and higher, with precise placement of each instrument and an amazing transparency. You can not locate the sound near the speakers anymore. Films soundtracks are far more spectacular and involving, giving credibility and immersion into the movie, and all quality music from your CD/SACD or your hard discs is reproduced with a true lifelike feeling, providing more powerful emotions, musical pleasure and inner balance.

The Vinculum 105D PLUS is an Universal player with so extremely good performance in audio and video that it will transform your way of enjoying all your films and music.

VINCULUM Cinephile 105D PLUS

The Vinculum Cinephile 105D PLUS includes, among others, these modifications:

New chassis and structural reinforcements for greatly improved rigidity. The new massive and rigid chassis is essential for a better vibration management and stability. It was specially designed for effective vibration dampening and resonance cancellation, including new feet and internal multilayer damping sheets. It receives also an specially formulated lacquered paint in epoxy powder.

The Vinculum 105D PLUS new chassis is generously vented for effective passive heat dissipation ensuring moderate internal temperature, even lower than the standard 105D. The vented top cover design is inspired by 35mm celluloid film, our small tribute to a format that we would not want to ever lose.

Rigid internal structure and new massive sub-chassis.

New redesigned disc transport modifications including new laser trimmed ,CNC parts and extensive shielding.

Ultra-low jitter digital signals achieved without any need for replacing the internal clocks.

New analog output stage module for front channels audio outputs, embedded in hard epoxy resin block and fully shielded.

Improved electronic components on stereo and multichannel audio boards

Very improved sound quality for the headphone output

New higher quality rca connectors for dedicated stereo outputs and 7.1 multichannel audio.

Detachable panel for main digital board connections.

Improved electronic components for the SMPS

New HF filter for main board power supplies, embedded in hard epoxy resin block.

New AC input connector, AC switch and AC noise filtering.

New Vinculum hi-end powercord.

Improved linear power supply with higher quality toroidal transformers, fast rectifier diodes and selected capacitors

New high-performance cabling for all internal connections

Star grounding configuration for cleaner, low noise signals.

Vinculum illuminated logo on the front panel (With deactivation switch on back panel)

Zone/region free for BD and DVD

Aria server Kit installation also available optionally.

Vinculum Cinephile 105D PLUS has two years warranty supported by us. Available in silver or black finish for the front panel. For modification of your standard OPPO 105 or 105D, please consult us price and delivery time.

VINCULUM Cinephile 105/105D PLUS

The Ultimate Universal Player with the absolute best picture quality available, and true High-End audiophile sound.

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